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Will Siding Be Popular In Five Years?

When you are trying to choose an exterior for your home, you do not want it to become unfashionable in the next five years.  This is especially true if you are trying to sell your home on a dodgy real estate market.  However, due to industry reports, it looks like siding is going to continue to be one of the top choice for home exteriors over the next five years.  Published at the end of February, 2015, we have included a brief synopsis of an industry report about house exterior trends below.

Siding has been trending for the past five years

If you are curious about whether or not siding is a growing trend, just check out the forecast from top reports about home remodeling. Over the past five years, homeowners have been reluctant to build or remodel homes because of the poor economy.  As people are making more money, they are looking to invest in their homes with something that will look great — but is also eco-friendly and affordable.  For all of these reasons, siding has been a logical choice.  Regardless, there is more than choosing the cheapest and most decorative materials that have caused this rise in siding popularity.

Which siding is the most popular?

There are several varieties of siding on the modern market such as wood, metal and cement.  While they are all different, they all have benefits that make them desirable to homeowners.  Despite this, it turns out that it is vinyl siding that provides the versatility and dependability that homeowners need.  For this reason, vinyl siding has been established as a trend that will continue over the next five years.

The twist that ranks siding higher than other choices

We have come to an agreement as a planet that global warming is here — and it is taking its toll on our homes in the form of severe storms.  One of the reasons that vinyl siding has surged in popularity and is likely to stay trendy is due to the changes in the weather.  One of the reasons that homeowners feel confident about siding is that it is easier to repair if catastrophic weather conditions return.  In other words, it is easier to repair vinyl siding than masonry when high winds or hail destroy homes.

Choose trendy siding with us

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