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Learning The Basics Of Insulation In Cleveland

Because of the increasing cost of natural gas and electricity, insulation in Cleveland is often the single most efficient way of reducing energy costs.

Homes built before 1978 very rarely meet the governmental standard of insulation because of the older and less sophisticated technology used to construct them. If your home isn’t properly insulated, you are losing energy through your walls. Wasted energy means wasted money. Properly installed insulation for your home in the Cleveland area gives you the fastest return on your investment. Window and door replacement are other ways to reduce your energy costs, but the benefits are not as immediate and the cost of window and door replacement is high.

A Solid Investment With A Lifetime Of Savings

Insulation in Cleveland homes usually pays for itself within two to four years of installation. Insulation is more than just a way of keeping in the heat during the winter months. It also helps to keep your home cooler during the summer, which saves a substantial amount of money on air conditioning costs.

insulation in cleveland


Sometimes old-fashioned insulation can work best, and Rockwool is the oldest insulation product on the market. It has been in existence for 180 years. It is the only 100% chemical-free product, and it is made from recycled steel slag. Rockwool is an all-natural inorganic material, which is non-carcinogenic and formaldehyde-free. It also has the highest R-value (a measure of heat-flow resistance) of any fiber insulation material. Not only will it do a superior job of insulation in Cleveland homes, it also provides superior soundproofing and fire protection that other insulating materials do not provide.


insulation in clevelandCellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper. It contains borax, boric acid and aluminum sulfate. Because cellulose is an organic material, it decomposes as it ages. Eventually it leaves behind a fine dust or powder, which will cause extreme settlement inside wall cavities. Organic fibers will readily absorb large amounts of moisture, emitting fire retardant chemicals while drying, which can promote the growth of mold in walls and attic areas. Because the chemicals in cellulose are corrosive, they can adversely affect older homes containing knob and tube wiring.


insulation in clevelandFiberglass insulation is made from silica sand and recycled glass materials, making it an inorganic insulation material. Next to Rockwool, fiberglass is the next best product to be used. Although it has a slightly lower R-value than Rockwool because of its light weight it is able to be installed in more hard to reach locations. Also depending on the application it can be the most cost efficient insulation to be used. (Especially in attic installations.)


Foam Insulation:

There are two different types of foam insulating materials.  The first and most commonly used in retrofit applications is open cell foam.  The problem with this product is it will break down over time and turn into a powder, it also has up to a 20 percent shrinkage rate as it cures.  It is very temperature sensitive which in the Cleveland area can be a problem when installing the material in the fall and winter months.

The next product is closed cell foam.  Of the two foam products this is the best. Unfortunately this product can only be used in new construction applications.

Let’s Compare Performances:


Wall Cavities R-Value

Attic to R-49



14.5 inches



16 inches



18.5 inches

If using a cost-by-performance comparison, you can clearly see that Rockwool & Fiberglass are by far the safest, most efficient, and most effective products to use for insulation in Cleveland homes. The Siding & Insulation Company only uses Rockwool or Fiberglass for insulation in Cleveland homes and businesses because of its proven thermal, fire, and sound protection. We believe that when it comes to insulation in Cleveland homes and businesses, you deserve the highest quality product that ensures the most savings and safety

To learn more about insulation in Cleveland homes and the benefits of Rockwool or Fiberglass insulation, contact The Siding & Insulation Company today to schedule your free estimate: (216) 281-5656.