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Roofing 101: A Primer for Today’s Homeowners


Perhaps thanks to its status as an out-of-the-way part of the home, most homeowners never consider the unique needs and risks of their roof’s construction, materials, and maintenance. This is critically important, however, sine a well-maintained roof is resistant to cracks, likely to hold up under winter stress, and generally a bit more able to defend against leaks and other structural problems all year long. With that said, consider some of the most important info about roof maintenance and more.

A Roof’s Enemies Are Numerous

Roofing materials have more enemies than friends in today’s world. Hot summers and bright sunlight can crack shingles, while winter weather can contribute to leaks and roofing collapses. High winds can blow shingles right off the roof in an instant, while hail can damage and puncture shingles. With so many natural enemies, it’s absolutely essential for homeowners to consistently and constantly monitor their roof for damage and contact a professional for repairs as soon as they’re needed.

Ventilation Can Save a Roof

Though the roof is installed to the exterior of the home, proper ventilation within the structure can actually increase the longevity of any roofing materials used. That’s because ventilation allows for equalization and removal of moisture, which otherwise would contribute to shingle cracking, moss and algae buildup, and even leaks.

There’s No Wrong Time to Install a Roof

Though it may have been common to wait for warmer parts of the year to install a new roof in the past, today’s roofing materials are pretty resilient and the best installers will be able to conduct repairs or installs year-round. This helps to save homeowners a significant amount of time, money, and frustration, since it means they won’t have to accommodate cold weather damage or summer’s stormy consequences for very long at all.

For More on Roofing, Contact Cleveland’s Professionals

The Siding and Insulation Company has been helping homeowners throughout Cleveland with all of their roofing concerns for years. Whether it’s general roofing education, small repairs to stop leaks and resolve cracking, or a full replacement of older roof materials, our contractors will get the job done promptly and professionally. That means homeowners will spend less time managing the damage done to their roof and more time enjoying a safer, more aesthetically pleasing home.