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Why Replace Insulation for your Home?

insulation2When it comes to replacing insulation in your home, homeowners often worry that it will be one more expense that it turns out they did not need. Saving money is the focus of many homeowners. Anything extra, like painting the house a new color, can always wait.  On the other hand, replacing the insulation in your home can save you a significant amount of money in the short and long-term.

At The Siding & Insulation Company, we are dedicated to bringing homeowners in and around Cleveland, Ohio top services and quality products. After installing your new insulation, we will also provide you with vital tips that will lower your utility bills.  In addition to helping you keep your home warm, improved insulation technologies over the past five years will help to keep you cooler in the summer months.  To get more information about insulation, call us today.

Signs you need new insulation

When your utility bills are higher than usual over a period of time, it means you need to get serious about the insulation in the walls, ceilings, crawl spaces, and floors of your home.  Like other housing materials, the insulation will eventually degrade.  Some obvious signs of aging for fiberglass insulation include exposed pieces that are crumbling.  In other cases, you may not suspect that these are signs of needing new insulation, but a professional home insulation expert will.

Other signs of aging insulation include:

  • Wildlife and pests that start to inhabit attic, basement and crawl spaces
  • Drafty rooms or ones with inconsistent room temperatures
  • Increased mold allergies with the family or pets
  • Decayed insulation following flooding or other types of water damage

Get your home insulated today

Are you ready for a free estimate and a chance to look at insulation samples for your home?  Give The Siding & Insulation Company a call to speak to one of our experts.  Soon, you will understand how our experience in this business is helping Cleveland, Ohio homeowners save money on their utility bills.  To start learning more today, call us at 216-281-5656.