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Need New Siding? Plan a Spring Installation for Maximum Savings

b2Opting for new siding is a great way to change or enhance the look of an existing home, but it’s certainly no small expense. The good news for homeowners is that there is at least one big way to save on siding installation: By choosing a spring month for the installation procedure, natural conditions can reduce the installation costs and hazards significantly. Here’s why.

Cooler Weather Works for Siding

Siding’s ideal installation temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s virtually impossible to install siding at that temperature during the summer, when many people work with contractors to get the process done. Likewise, winter is just too frigid for siding and it can actually increase how easily the material gets damaged. As always, damaged materials mean higher expenses for homeowners. Choose a spring month and these problems will be easily resolved.

Siding is Cheaper During the Spring Months

Because most people work on their homes during the early or mid-summer months, siding prices tend to peak in June. In summer, siding is much more expensive and homeowners get charged a significant amount of the up-front cost. In the interest of getting more for their money, homeowners should plan ahead for the spring months to begin a new installation. 

New Siding in the Spring the Home for Summer 

Cracked or damaged siding can increase the amount of cold & hot air that gets into the home, raising electric, gas, or oil bills. By installing new siding before the summer months, those problems will be eliminated early and home energy expenses will be greatly reduced. When combed with the material savings and reduced likelihood of damage to new siding panels, that’s a real bonus. 

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