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Why Some Insulations Are Dangerous

In the past decade, the Department of Energy and other key government agencies have fueled the insulation industry to the homeowners’ advantage.  If you had your insulation installed before the 2000’s, chances are you are missing out.  Worse, you may be putting you and your family at risk with outdated insulation.  To get a better understanding of how certain insulations in the past are still dangerous to modern homeowners, take a look at the information below.

Asbestos may still be in your home

asbestosAt one time, asbestos was considered a great product for insulation because it was flame-retardant.  Despite this, it was soon discovered that it was a cancer-causing agent, and it was banned by the government.  If you have had precautionary measures taken in the past to deal with your asbestos issue, it does not mean that your home is asbestos-free.  To have the issue investigated, professionals may need to be called to remove the asbestos and replace it with something more modern.

Classic mis-installation of insulation

Unfortunately, one issue that can occur with modern insulation is not installing it correctly in the first place!  If this is the case, insulation could still be in liquid form or leaves bulges in your walls.  To get the problem corrected, a new company will need to investigate the issue, clean up the mess, and re-install your insulation.

Old insulation that is collecting mold

If your family has been diligently looking for a source of mold that is causing health problems in the family, try looking in the insulation.  In some cases, insulation that is past its warranty becomes a harboring ground for bacteria, fungus, or molds.  This can be particularly true if the insulation has been exposed to moisture from pinhole leaks in water pipes.

Get your insulation inspected, removed and installed by us

For any questions related to the condition of your insulation, we are happy to help.  We can carefully inspect the insulation you currently have for a variety of problems, and if it is necessary, we can remove and replace it.  To find out what we have to offer or to ask more questions, contact The Siding & Insulation Company today.