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Insulation In Your Home Is Important

Protect Your Family this Winter with Extra Insulation

The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for bitter cold temperatures in the northeast region of Ohio this winter. With gas prices slowly creeping up, homeowners are looking for ways to lower their expenses and save money this winter. While you can lower the thermostat and tell the kids to put on a sweater, a better option is to add insulation to the home. Insulation is affordable, and the investment will pay for itself through improved energy efficiency. 

The federal government is offering a $500 Energy Cash Credit this year as well. Contact The Siding & Insulation Company today for more information!

Insulating the Attic

Blown-in-InsulationHeat naturally rises, and it can drift out of your home if your attic is not property insulated. Adding insulation to the attic will help keep the heat inside your home where you want it. It’s important to take great care when adding insulation to the attic. Blocking the soffit vents will inhibit ventilation in the attic and lead to higher temperatures. The result is ice dams and problems with mold. Properly installed attic insulation will warm up the living space while preserving attic ventilation levels.

Adding Insulation Inside Walls

It’s difficult to add insulation to the walls of an existing home, but the professionals can use blown insulation to fill the empty space in walls and make the home warmer. A small hole is drilled into the wall to allow the insulation to be blown in. If the home has vinyl or aluminum siding or wood shingles, the covering can be removed, the whole drilled and the covering replaced so the hole is not visible. 

As the loose insulation is forced into the space, it settles into the crevices and open areas. Once the wall is insulated, the hole is patched and can be painted over. Blown insulation is also popular in attics because of its ability to fill small spaces and settle into the nooks and crannies. As with rolls of insulation, care must be taken to avoid blocking air vents.

Warmer Crawlspaces

Another area that is often neglected by builders is the crawlspace. Sheets of foam insulation along the wall provide minimal protection from freezing temperatures. Quality insulation inside the floor joists is more effective. Another alternative is thick rolls of insulation that blanket the walls and keep the space warmer. 

Insulation is a passive home improvement that will pay off in lower energy bills. You don’t have to remember to turn off lights or adjust the thermostat. The increased insulation keeps the home warmer in the winter by holding the treated warm air inside. It also block drafts so your house is easier to warm. The benefits will also carry over into the summer as the insulation prevents radiant heat from entering the home from outside. Protect your family from the cold temperatures this winter by investing in more home insulation now. 

East Ohio Dominion Gas Company is offering to pay its customers for insulating their home. Only qualified contractors can preform the work and The Siding & Insulation Company is qualified. Call us today to get an estimate for insulating your home and the approximate amount you can get back from East Ohio Dominion.