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Ice Damage to Your Roof

When a home does not have enough insulation or has been improperly insulated, the heat rises to the top more forcefully then it should and causes any ice on the roof to melt. Ice dams can form when this happens and cause damage to your roof. A roof that is wet and cold can cause damage and affect your home’s ability to stay warm and dry. Everything from your chimney to your attic can suffer from ice damage and cause a number of problems. After the ice damage, the melted water can drip on your belongings inside your home, which leads to a new set of challenges.

Your contractor can take the appropriate steps to make sure you prevent ice damage in the cold season. Air leaks and cracks can encourage ice dam formation and prevents the insulation in your home from being as useful as it could be. It is important to have the upper levels of your home and your roof cool after it snows so the snow does not melt too quickly. Good insulation is the key to preventing ice damage and it should be installed by professionals who pay attention to detail.

Proper ventilation of the top sections of your home will get you a long way to keeping your roof cool enough to keep snow cool. Keeping warm air from escaping from too many spots will also help to keep the roof a little cooler. Locating areas where warm air is escaping and sealing them with the right materials, is the kind of task that can be best handled by your contractor. All of these efforts are also useful in reducing the chances that you will have to pay large repair bills in the future due to water damage.

Certain types of roofs can be more difficult to properly vent than others and some are more susceptible to ice dams as well. Making sure the roof does not leak water on the inside that can threaten the structure and produce mold is an important task that should be done right. The losses that can occur from doing the job yourself or going to the wrong contractor are not worth the trouble. Hiring a capable team that can get the job done properly is a decision that can save you so much in the long run and help protect your home immediately.