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Why Gutters with Icicles or Ice Damming Are Serious Issues

Even if you are meticulous with your home’s repairs and maintenance, you could still develop issues with your gutters that result in serious consequences related to icicles and ice damming.  While no one wants to deal with thousands of dollars of property damage or a wrongful death lawsuit, the truth is that these issues can happen when you have malfunctioning gutters during the wintertime.

The injury consequences of icicles and ice damming

guttersIce damming is an issue that happens when gutters become clogged (from pine cones, leaves, or other debris) and trap ice.  When unfrozen water attempts to flow through the gutters, they start forming large pieces of ice on the edges of the roof.  Unfortunately, extremely large icicles can form from ice damming.  When those icicles drop, they can cause serious injury or death because they can impale people or pets.

The property damage problems from ice damming

While icicles are health hazards in rare cases, they do not usually cause property damage on a grand scale.  Icicles can become so heavy that they bend gutters away from a home, but that is not a costly repair to make.  Instead, the real damage to your budget comes in the form of ice damming that leads to a shifting foundation.

How ice damming leads to foundation shifting

When the water from melting snow, ice or winter storms is blocked from draining in the appropriate areas, it could end up water logging the ground next to your homes’ foundation.  If shifting does occur, it could cost you thousands of dollars to correct.  In other words, properly working gutters throughout the winter months are essential.

Solutions for preventing ice damming and icicles

One of the best ways to keep ice from forming in your gutters over the winter is to install heating elements.  This keeps water from freezing and clogging the drainage gutters.  Along with heating elements installed in the gutters, the roof can also be outfitted to prevent snow pileup on top of the house.

Get your roof snow and ice free with us

To keep your home safe from the consequences of ice damming and icicles, give us a call.  We can help you with solutions that will keep you from paying for long-term repair costs, and we can ensure you have fewer chances of driving up your homeowner’s insurance by having an injury accident related to icicles on your property.  To ask us questions about icicles or ice damming prevention or schedule an appointment, call us today.