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Clean Gutters: Why Are They Important?

gutter-cleaningBefore winter begins, there are several tasks that need to be done to prepare for colder weather. While it may seem like other chores have priority, do not overlook the importance of having clean gutters. It may seem like it is too much trouble to do, but hiring a professional to oversee this area of winter home care is vital to the structure of your home — and your personal safety.

Should you clean your own gutters?

Part of the reason that homeowners avoid cleaning out their gutters is due to the dangerous nature of the task. For example, getting on a ladder is a job for someone that has good balance. If you do not have the physical dexterity to get on a ladder and perform manual labor, you will need to hire someone that can. This way, you can avoid falling off the ladder while still getting your gutters cleaned.

Safety issues clogged gutters cause

When your gutters are full of debris, it gives ice a place to collect. Once the gutters are frozen, any new water that comes through the gutters will flow over the sides instead of being deposited in the appropriate drainage areas. This can cause large icicles to form. Of course, any large icicles that form on the side of your house are potential daggers that can fall at anytime.

Clogged gutters can damage your home

Part of the reason that gutters exist is to keep water in the areas you choose. When water is not controlled near a home, it can affect the foundation. Extra water that is allowed to flow over the edge of the roof and alongside the side of the house will eventually create an unstable ground around the edge of your home.  When the ground is unstable, it will give your foundation a chance to shift and lead to cracks in the basement walls. Siding will also become wetter than usual and give an opportunity for moss and other microorganisms to grow.

Let us clean your gutters

Obviously, there are more than a few problems associated with dirty gutters. To avoid these types of issues, the simple solution is to have them cleaned as soon as the leaves stop falling. Of course, if you wait too long and winter weather settles in, they can be next to impossible to clean without a professional’s help. To get your gutters cleaned today, give us a call at The Siding & Insulation Company.